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Unleashing career
opportunities in Film


About Film Beyond

Bridging U.S.-Greek Film Industries, fostering skills, opportunities, and collaborations.

The expanding Greek film industry faces a skills shortage among new graduates, leading to reliance on foreign hires and increased costs. Inadequate educational preparation hinders success in the industry and creates obstacles for U.S.-Greek film collaborations.

“Film Beyond” is committed to addressing these challenges by equipping new artists and crew members with the essential skills and connecting them with industry opportunities, thereby bridging the gap between current educational offerings and the evolving needs of the film industry.


Unleashing career opportunities in film

Empowering the next generation of film professionals by unlocking a world of career opportunities in the dynamic film industry.

For the industry

Fueling Industry Growth

Offering industry-relevant training, networking platforms, and job opportunities, we’re a catalyst for film industry growth and innovation.


Envisioning Cinematic Excellence

Elevating the Greek film landscape by integrating U.S. expertise, cultivating talent, and nurturing cross-cultural film collaborations.

For students and jod seekers

Training, Networking, and Opportunities

We provide students and industry workers with hands-on training, mentorship, and access to cutting-edge film industry resources and opportunities.


Organized by

YET ignites potential and shapes innovation with an unwavering mission to nurture talent. Our deep involvement in an array of projects exemplifies our commitment to collaborative progress.

We champion research initiatives and hands-on training in entrepreneurship, cutting-edge technologies, and skill development—both soft and hard. From the promise of blockchain to AI’s real-world impact, we embrace responsible research that drives solutions.

Inclusion, diversity, and gender equality are at the heart of YET. We fight for sustainability, a greener future, and push digital transformation. We build networks, bridge sectors, and develop dynamic online platforms for skill-building and mentoring. Business plan competitions and lively hackathons are our jam, and we rock at spreading the word!

Our people are as diverse as they are brilliant – students, academics, young pros, seasoned experts, and entrepreneurs at every stage. Strategic partnerships and events draw hundreds, connecting talent with opportunity. Collaborations with established companies and initiatives like Startup Europe Week and Global Entrepreneurship Week are proof – YET delivers results.

As proud members of the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and Diversity Chapter Greece, we stand committed to building meaningful alliances that elevate potential, wherever it resides.

About Film Beyond

Funded by

The U.S. Embassy’s support for this program comes in the context of the strong cooperation between the U.S. and Greece in education and culture. Every year, thousands of American and Greek citizens participate in cross-cultural educational programs in each other’s nations. Artists, educators, athletes, students, youth, and rising leaders in the United States and Greece participate in academic, cultural, sports, and professional exchanges. The U.S. Embassy in Greece supports and furthers these exchanges in order to strengthen the people-to-people ties between the two countries. For more information on these programs and many others, please visit the U.S. Embassy Facebook page.

Build your career

Unleashing career opportunities in film.

Beyond film industry

Building on the diverse and inclusive nature of our platform, it not only bridges connections but also nurtures growth and professional development. It’s a space where industry insights, career advice, and continuous learning opportunities come together, enabling individuals at all career stages to evolve and excel. This holistic approach ensures our platform is not just a job board, but a comprehensive career development hub for the film industry and beyond, catering to evolving industry trends and individual aspirations.


For Companies: Industry Talent Connector

Empower your film projects by accessing our extensive pool of skilled professionals. Our platform efficiently matches you with the right talent, simplifying the recruitment process and ensuring you find the ideal candidates for your creative needs.


For Job Seekers: Your Gateway to Film Careers

Navigate your path in the film industry with our platform. We connect you directly to top employers, showcasing your skills and experience to the right audience, and opening doors to exciting career opportunities in film.


For Students: Skillset Evolution in Film

We offer more than just education; we provide a pathway to the film industry. Through our platform, students can learn new skills, gain practical experience, and seamlessly transition into professional roles, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Film Beyond

A project
for the society.

A Project for Society: Unveiling the Societal and Industry Impact of ‘Film Beyond’ in Transforming the Film Landscape.

Skill Enhancement

By focusing on training and development, the project helps bridge the skill gap in the Greek film industry, enhancing the overall quality and competitiveness of the workforce.

Economic Growth

By fostering a more skilled film industry, the project can attract more international productions to Greece, boosting the local economy and creating more jobs.

Cultural Exchange

The collaboration between the U.S. and Greek film industries encourages cultural exchange, enriching both film cultures and fostering mutual understanding.


The project’s emphasis on promoting opportunities for marginalized groups ensures a more diverse and inclusive film industry, reflecting a wider range of perspectives and stories.

Industry Innovation

By introducing American best practices and new technologies, the project can spur innovation in the Greek film industry, keeping it at the forefront of global film trends.

About Film Beyond

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